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Loty lucerna vyrad ax vystaveni ax hon
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Loty zavod ax loty aport Loty slepice oba pohoda
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ax mak loty hadice loty hadice ax pohoda
Loty sluni Loty dummy Loty kozlik Loty kozlik
Loty kartac Loty kachna hra kachna Loty kachna
loty radek Loty poza Loty poza Loty louze
Loty sedi srnec Loty hlava Loty pole
Loty lucerna Loty kralik Loty odlozeni Loty vycvik
Loty postoj Loty aport Loty schovana Loty pohoda
oba kamen loty barva pozuje Loty listi
Loty Loty Loty Loty
Loty predani ax hlava Loty u krbu hra ve snehu
Loty vycvik Loty po trimovani ax hlava sundavani aportu

The videos of our dogs can be found on youtube.

Ax fixing the pheasant - HERE

Lota training aport pheasant - HERE

Loty training footprint- HERE

Ax pointing - HERE

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Courageous and hard, hardworking and persistent, vital and temperament, reliable, friendly and well trainable.It's not shy or aggressive.

Small Münsterländer

ax postoj

Small Münsterländer is a smart, obedient and peaceful dog. It has a positive relationship to life and an uncomplicated and cheerful character. He is a tireless and tenacious worker, but at home he behaves calmly.

"The dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than yourself." - Josh Billings

"Dog is not an animal, dog is a friend" - Axel Munthe

"Dogs are not our whole life, but our lives are complete thanks to them."– Roger Caras

"The dog has beauty without vanity, strength without cruelty and human virtue without human defects."– George Gordon Byron

Pavlina Kuncova, CHS Vera-Venti, Všechlapy 70, 257 26, Czech Republic