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Loty - shows

6.2.2016 – DUO CACIB Brno – Vladimíra Tichá

Appreciation: V1,CAJC from 2 bitch

Loty Brno

30.4.2016 – Prague Expo dog – Kanas Robert

Appreciation: V1,CAJC, BOJ, BOS from 3 bitch

Loty Praha

5.6.2016 –Club show Jagdterrier Petrovice – Mvdr. Šimek

Appreciation : V1,CAC from 9 bitch

14.1.2017 DUOCACIB NITRA – Žofie Konderla, PL

Appreciation: V1,CAC

15.1.2017 DUO CACIB NITRA – František Szalai, SK

Appreciation" V1,CAC,CACIB,BOS

4.2-5.2.2017 DUOCACIB Brno

Appreciation : 2x V1,CAC

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Courageous and hard, hardworking and persistent, vital and temperament, reliable, friendly and well trainable.It's not shy or aggressive.

Small Münsterländer

ax postoj

Small Münsterländer is a smart, obedient and peaceful dog. It has a positive relationship to life and an uncomplicated and cheerful character. He is a tireless and tenacious worker, but at home he behaves calmly.

"The dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than yourself." - Josh Billings

"Dog is not an animal, dog is a friend" - Axel Munthe

"Dogs are not our whole life, but our lives are complete thanks to them."– Roger Caras

"The dog has beauty without vanity, strength without cruelty and human virtue without human defects."– George Gordon Byron

Pavlina Kuncova, CHS Vera-Venti, Všechlapy 70, 257 26